There are deep things, mysteries, hidden things, profound things of God that the Bible speaks of often. The ears of the natural man or nominal Christianity (uncommitted part time Christians) do not hear them nor can he embrace them in his heart. These things defy the wise and prudent and those of higher learning for in most cases they have been indoctrinated into the somewhat legalistic doctrines of man. Scripture says these things have been revealed to babes and accepted by the common man, those who are more apt to long for mercy and truth and humbly seek. These mysteries are for those who have been hurt, brokenhearted, abused, poor, and captives in one way or another either to false doctrine, spiritual ignorance or without hope in the vast wilderness.

Jesus said that He (the spirit of truth) would lead us into all truth and reveal the things of God to us. And it doesn’t mean that they are only for those of high position but for the meek, merciful, peacemaker, pure in heart and persecuted among us. It was that way when Jesus came to this earth and it is the same today. Listen to the words of the song writer, John Wesley.

Jesus from whom all blessings flow,
Great builder of Thy church below;
If now Thy Spirit move my breast,
Hear and fulfill Thine own request.

The few that truly call thee Lord,
And wait Thy sanctifying Word,
And their utmost Saviour own,
Unite and perfect them in one.

Call them into Thy wondrous light,
Worthy to walk with Thee in white;
Make up Thy jewels, Lord and show,
Thy glorious spotless church below.

From every sinful wrinkle free,
Redeemed from all iniquity,
The fellowship of saints make known,
And Oh, my God, may I be one. (Jesus, From Whom All Blessings Flow)

Posted on December 28th, 2013