All across our country families are gathering for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and many are expressing what they are thankful for in the past and it is important that we take occasion to reflect on the blessings of life. The Bible says two things about thankfulness; first, we should be thankful always and, second, for all things He allows to come into our life. This is sometimes difficult to do but for those who thank Him for all things and ‘wait on the Lord’ it proves, in the end, to be the greatest blessing in life.

This season I am thankful for all the miracles the Lord performs in our lives, most of which we are not even aware of. For some of us who have spent most of our lives in sin (making bad decisions), He forgives us and He restores us, and although that, in itself, is a great miracle it is not the one I am thinking about. The one that moves me to tears, the one that comes as a total surprise (although it shouldn’t), the one that goes totally unnoticed unless we are truly repentant and spend time in His presence is the promise that He will redeem the time lost and bless us beyond our asking or even what we imagined possible. How could that be? Well, it’s no less possible than many who have experienced His stretching the dollar to meet financial obligations or bending time to accomplish His will and purpose (which we often attribute to chance) or removing evil forces that we may or may not be aware of or cause a ‘chance’ meeting that blesses the soul or rescues or encourages someone in distress or shines a brilliant light to reveal the answer to a particular question or sends miraculous answers to prayer or feeds a group when there really isn’t enough food. These are things that we will not see unless we have a deep personal relationship with the Lord, one that involves talking to Him and hearing His voice, but they are the substance of Christian living and are what welds us to His truth. These things are not seen or experienced by the half-hearted or lukewarm but by those who live and breathe the presence of God. Let’s all take the time to ponder the workings of a God who loves, cares, protects and redeems the time that was lost in selfish living!
Now, gracious Lord, Thine arm reveal,
And make Thy glory known;
Now let us all Thy presence feel,
And soften hearts of stone.

Send down Thy Spirit from above,
That saints may love Thee more;
And sinners now may learn to love,
Who never loved before . . . (Now Gracious Lord Thine Arm Reveal)