Women have played a vital role in the plan of God. From Eve, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Abigail, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba (mother of Solomon), to Mary (mother of Jesus). And in addition countless thousands have given encouragement to their husbands who have in turn changed the course of history. One such woman was Deborah.

“A faithful woman, who knew God and dared to risk all upon His word, meant more to Israel in this time of crisis than all else beside. God ever delights to honor faith. He can be depended upon never to fail those who put their confidence in Him. We, today, are not, as Christians, called to conflict with the armies of flesh and blood,” exclaims H. A. Ironside. “ Our warfare is with the unseen satanic hosts and the worldly spirit of the age, but it is still true that we conquer our foes as we resist them in the spirit of Deborah ~ faith in the living God. Among the overcomers there are many heroines as well as heroes who have had the courage to attack entrenched evil of all kinds with the courage of a Deborah, The prophetess who led her military commander Barak in destroying the Canaanite army ~ unafraid in the face of grave danger for the glory of God.”

There are many examples of modern day women, also, who by their devotion and prayers have affected history as well. Consider Susanna Wesley (mother of John Wesley) or Susannah Spurgeon (wife of Charles Spurgeon) or the praying mother of John Newton (author of Amazing Grace). There is an old saying that ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’ and it could easily be argued that women have contributed more by their prayers and spiritual power than the men we most often recognize.

Every thought that we ever had,
Its own little place has fill’d;
Every deed we have done, good or bad,
Is a stone in the temple we build.

We are building every day
A temple the world may not see;
Building, building every day,
Building for eternity . . . (Building for Eternity)