It seems the Lord has a certain M.O. (method of operation) when He answers the prayers of His own and it is consistent with the key verse in Ephesians. “Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”. Not only is it miraculous and wonderful that the Lord hears us and answers prayer but as confirmation that it was HE, HIMSELF, that answered… we receive more than we asked or think possible. He fed the 5000 with a few fishes, He not only healed the lame man but caused him to leap and jump, something he had never done. He causes the water to be made into wine but not just ordinary wine, the best wine at the feast. He gives peace, but not a small measure of peace but peace that is ‘beyond our understanding’, not just joy but joy ‘overflowing’, not just life but ‘abundant life’. He offers protection from our enemies but often goes further and makes the enemy disappear. He imparts a capacity for love to those that follow Him toward many people but in addition He gives them a love for their enemies, something the world knows nothing of. He causes food to go much further than it normally would and finances to cover more obligations than mathematically possible. He not only gives us clear vision of how things are but allows us insight into what will soon take place. Yes, the Lord grants us far more than we even can imagine possible. It’s His way of doing things.

BUT THERE IS A CONDITION! The last part of the verse says, “according to the power that in us”. That is, He gives us that spiritual power based on the TRUST, FAITH, and BELIEVING that we have given Him. It is for those who walk with Him, talk with Him, hear His voice and commune with Him. Sadly, receiving from the Lord ‘beyond our asking or thinking’ is unknown to those nominal, lukewarm and halfhearted of the faith and they spend most of their lives wondering if God really does all those things He says.

Fully surrendered, Lord divine,
I will be true to Thee;
All that I am or have is Thine,
I will be true to Thee…(I Will Be True to Thee)