The world, the flesh and the evil one have all joined forces and are relentless in their attempt to keep a soul from seeing, hearing and experiencing ‘the presence of God’. This is accomplished by offering fast living, entertainment, pleasure, lust, covetousness and all sort of other distractions that appeal to our nature and serve to drowned out the small gentle voice of truth. And it would be nigh on impossible to break this hold on man were it not for the grace of God and His plan to redeem the soul. For those who seek God, long for truth, desire to hear His voice and commune with Him, it is possible to live in the ‘presence of God’.

Isaac blessed his son ‘in the presence of God’ (Gen. 27; 7). Arron was confirmed high priest ‘in God’s presence’ (Num. 16; 7). The Israelites ‘stood in God’s presence’ as they prepared to enter Canaan (Deut. 29; 15). Paul charged Timothy to remain in ‘God’s watchful presence’ (1 Tim. 5; 21). The fact is that as we become aware of ‘the presence of God’ in our lives we will find that our prayers are heard, His voice is distinct, direction clear and the blessing and joy of life result. We will also find that all those things in this world will fade into the background, He will give us wisdom beyond anything we dreamed of, hope for the future and joy unspeakable. May we all purpose to seek Him through His Word to the end of living in ‘the presence of God’.

Lord in Thy presence here we meet,
May we in Thee be found!
O Make the place divinely sweet,
And let Thy grace abound.

May Zion’s good be kept in view,
May in Thee be found;
That all we undertake to do,
May glorify Thy name…(Lord in Thy Presence)