The key verse says that, “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him”… but it seems that a healthy fear does not come except over time. We begin our relationship with an acknowledgment of who God is and then proceed to petition Him for THINGS; blessings, deliverance from trouble, smooth sailing, etc. In short we are full of requests. Even though that is a shallow, one sided relationship the Lord accepts it initially. But at some point, as we continue in Him, we begin to see that the Lord desires and we need a deeper fellowship. We not only tell Him our needs and sorrows but we begin to express our joys and thankfulness which is the mark of a more intimate friendship. Then, often to our surprise, we find that He begins to share His purposes, joys, concerns and direction for our lives. What endears Him to us is not so much His blessings but the fact that He is interested in every aspect of our lives; He communes with us day by day and moment by moment. As that intimate relationship grows there develops a “fear’ that we might loose our guide or be left to fend for ourselves or not be able to hear His voice…and that is what is meant when it speaks of “the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him” in Psalms 25; 14.

Finally then, we become so aware of His presence in our life that we know the way we should go without asking (not to eliminate the need to pray), a sort of knowing instantly in season and out. The fact is that the thought of choosing the wrong way does not even occur to us; He actually guides our spiritual common sense. We are told not to worry about what we shall say to those in the world who demand answers, He will give us the words to say at that time. That promise is for those who know ‘the secret fear of the Lord’ and experience the moment by moment communion with Him. The pinnacle, the joy and the thrill of this spiritual journey is when He begins to give us a glimpse of what He intends to do in the future. For those who experience this ‘life’ there is no other way to exist, nothing can take it from you… not even death.

My heart is so happy in Jesus my Lord,
No clouds can my faith in Him dim;
I’ve started to walk in the straight narrow way,
I intend to go through with Him…(I Intend to Go Through with Him)