We have all heard the story of the little boy who put his hand in a jar to obtain a piece of candy, but then to his surprise could not get his hand back out. In somewhat of a panic he went to his father and explained the problem. His father, very calmly, told him to open his hand and stretch his fingers out. But the boy exclaimed that he could not do that because he wanted the candy. Finally he obeyed and his hand came out with ease.

Is that how we are? Do we hold on to the world’s trifles? There are many things that can keep us from a right relationship with the Lord like money, social activities, status, image and many more. But there is another that is not always recognized by Christians. It is our place in some religious organization that is doing good. It has been observed on several occasions that some, trying so hard to be faithful, have held on to their church until they are bound in tradition, and tradition practiced long enough becomes Biblical in their eyes. Jesus was very clear on this point of the ‘traditions of men”. It was about the only thing that got Him riled up and caused Him distress. He was patient with those caught in sin but seemed to run short of the same when it came to those who demanded adherence to certain rules and professed to have all the answers. And it isn’t any different today.

Jesus said, “You reject the commandment of God that ye may keep your own tradition making the word of God of none effect through your tradition”.

The Christian relationship is a relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ and no more. It is spiritual in nature and all who are His can receive direct communication from Him, not through anyone else; not priest, preacher or prophet.

There are many who should think about getting their hand out of the cookie jar and experience the freedom that Jesus offers. To step out in faith, hear the voice of God and be led by His Spirit is to know ‘freedom indeed’ and the ‘power of God ‘ like never before.

Lord give me light to do Thy work,
For only, Lord from Thee
Can come the light from which these eyes,
The way of life can see . . . (Send Me Light)