I met the Lord 30 years ago and not too long after that I read the Scripture that said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I believed that was true, intellectually, in a surface, shallow kind of way, but down deep there were questions in my mind. Surely, a person is required to work very hard to obtain what he wants in life in addition to just seeking the Lord… Well, the years went by and many trials and troubles came along. and like anyone else, I would petition the Lord for His help and deliverance during those times. And He did!

But not too long ago as I was pondering the many blessings that the Lord has given me, I suddenly realized that the Bible means exactly what it says. Now, that sounds rather silly! Everyone knows that the Bible means what it says. But, just think about it. We often say that we believe verses like Matthew 6; 33 and even sometimes quote them to someone in order to encourage them, but do we really embrace all that is contained therein? Do we many times find ourselves discouraged because we do not have the things we want? And isn’t that just an indication that we do not truly believe what the Lord said in Scripture?

The point is that all of a sudden a light had come on and I saw the depth of God’s promises. I had experienced it and it became more than just an intellectual understanding but a deep spiritual trust in Him and His promises. What a joy! What a new depth of relationship with the person of Christ! Since that time I have purposed to seek Him first and foremost and allow Him to work in my life and it has brought a rest I had never known.

Precious promise God hath given,
To the weary passer by;
On the way from earth to heaven,
“I will guide thee with mine eye”.

When Thy secret hopes have perished
In the grave of years gone by;
Let this promise still be cherished
“I will guide thee with mine eye”…(Precious Promise)