On numerous occasions we have heard various ones express the desire and even pray for more faith. That’s a noble request… but it is not necessary because the Lord has already told us precisely how to obtain more faith. Perhaps some would like a shortcut and not have to do all that is required in order to get that faith. Very simply put;

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The faith that so many desire comes by reading the written word and listening to the living Word. There is no other way.

Some years ago young man came to the ranch in New Mexico and said that he wanted to become a cowboy. The old rancher needed help so he hired the young man. The first question the boy asked was “How do you learn to ride a horse?” The old rancher gave him the short answer and simply said, “Time in the saddle”. Then he began to explain to the young man that first he would put a saddle on a sawhorse so he could get the feel of the saddle, then he would put the saddle on the horse while he was tied to a rail so he could get the feel of the horse. Then he could learn how to guide the horse by walking, then trotting and finally loping the horse. This all would take some time and when he mastered that he could try to learn to swing a rope, cut a cow out of the herd and a whole list of other things. The rancher told him that after about a year we would begin to see what kind of a hand the boy would make. Well, the sad part is that after about six months the young man decided that city life was much easier so he gave up cowboying and went back.

And that is the way it is with many Christians who say they want more faith! The fact is they must spend “Time in the saddle.” That is, time in the word. Just like cowboying anyone can learn it if they want it bad enough and spend the time at it. If a person spends a little time in the Word he will obtain a little faith. If he spends day and night in the word as Joshua did he will become a true man of God. The choice is really ours and it all depends on how bad we want it.

Faith is not obtained by an act of our will, and it certainly is not granted in a moments time. It is recognizing God’s promises as fact, rejoicing in the knowledge of that truth, and then resting because God said it.

Posted on September 10th, 2013