Mark Twain said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why.” This question is infinitely more important for the Christian than for the rest of the world. God created each of us with a purpose ~ to go through life not knowing what that purpose is would be an enormous tragedy. Jesus came into the world (as recorded in the key verse) “to bear witness to the truth” and in like manner we, as believers, have the same purpose howbeit in different specific callings.


On the bright side of that question there is a very easy answer. ASK HIM! If we pray fervently and with importunity the Lord promises that he will answer. He doesn’t say WHEN He will answer but He will; perhaps when we have been completely prepared for the answer. We talk a lot about how difficult it is to wait on God but do we ever think about how He waits on us? Waits on us to be obedient, to pray and ask, to be still, to meditate and spend the necessary time with Him that is required to hear His voice.


For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen, O God, beside You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him” (Isaiah 64:4).


It is certain that the Lord doesn’t want this purpose to be a mystery to us and if we are not sure of our purpose it is just as certain that it is not His fault but ours. Just ask and wait for the answer!


Waiting on the Lord for the promise given,

Waiting for the Lord to send from heaven;

Waiting on the Lord by our faith receiving;

Waiting in the upper room.


Waiting on the Lord, longing to mount higher,

Waiting on the Lord, having great desire;

Waiting on the Lord for the heavenly fire;

Waiting in the upper room . . . (Waiting on the Lord)