Life as we know it and the problems for all of mankind started with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. And it would seem that the depth and depravity of this event has to a large measure escaped us, at least to any measurable degree. In a moment of time, man who had been created prefect and in the tripartite image of God lost all sight of his need for, dependence upon, and desire toward God. All spiritual sight, recollection of the bliss he had just come from, or thoughts of his need for salvation were not there. The gulf between God and man was enormous, if that can even begin to describe the magnitude of the situation. One can only imagine how our Lord must have felt, wondering how to bring the light once again to man and provide a way of salvation to restore what had been lost…even though, at the same time, it must be acknowledged that it was part of His plan.

When Eve sinned it wasn’t simply that she ate of the forbidden fruit, it was that she ate of the tree of “the knowledge of good and evil”. Up until that time the Lord had given them instruction and they had been obedient. Life was simple and they recognized that they didn’t know what to do or which way to go and they needed Him at every turn. Now, however, after being tempted by Satan, Eve decided that by eating the fruit she would be able to decide, without God, what would be right or wrong. Not only would they not need God as they had before but they would become like Him (little gods). The result of this act is, perhaps, more than we can immediately comprehend. But, this is our inherited nature, to be independent, self motivated, self righteous, egocentric, selfish and therefore blind to the truth. It would take 4000 years of law to prepare man for the Word and Truth, Jesus. What a plan! We think it is wonderful that we can program a computer to record and compute things for us with remarkable speed. The Lord has programmed all of time to restore what has been lost by the fall and the usurping of His authority. Remarkably, we as believers have the choice to be part of His plan and all that is required is that we believe and are obedient to His leading.( And it will most often be contrary to what those around us think)

It is certain, however, that the same tendency exists today. We, like the Galatians of old, have a bent to revert back to the law and try to decide right and wrong because it is easier than seeking the Lord’s guidance through the Spirit. Are we still deciding what is right or wrong or have we come to the point through the born again experience that we desire that God direct our lives.

It is interesting that there are over 40,000 Christian denominations. Each of them, to one degree or another, claiming that they have the correct doctrine and interpretation of the Word of God . Positive evidence that man, like Adam and Eve, is still demanding that that he be the one that decides right and wrong. Where are you on this issue today?

Posted on September 21st, 2013