When we scan the horizon of Christianity today or even delve into the gatherings of more serious believers we find a shocking lack of depth. Oh yes, we hear much talk about doctrine, programs for the needy, the need for prayer, about how we need God back in the schools, or how we should keep God in Christmas, all of which are true. But where are those who commune with God; those who hear his voice, experience the miraculous dealings of God and are led by His Holy Spirit? Well, they are not found in the limelight and they are far and few between… but they are there. And when a diligent search is undertaken the Lord will draw them together to fellowship in the true invisible Church of God, most often where ‘two or three are gathered together’. While those times of fellowship are wonderful beyond description all the participants have one thing in common; a deep longing to share these spiritual TRUTHS with others. F. B Meyer, an eloquent Christian writer of the past, put it this way.

“We fail to recognize many things in ourselves and in nature around us that are true. But there is a reason many Christians remain ignorant of the presence of the Spirit who lives within; He dwells so deep. The Holy Spirit dwells below the life of the body, which is as the curtain of the tent. He dwells below thought and feeling, judgment and imagination, in the deepest reaches of the soul.

It is comparatively seldom that we go into the farthest reaches of our being. We are content to live the superficial life. We prefer to skim along the surface. We eat, drink, and sleep. We fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind. We make short incursions into the realm of morals, the sense of right and wrong that is part of the makeup of men. But we have too slight an acquaintance with the deeper and more mysterious chamber of the spirit. Now this is why the majority of believers are so unaware of the divine and wonderful resident dwelling within. Let us all look deep into our hearts and souls to see who has come to live there.”

Sadly, millions of nominal, lukewarm believers are completely satisfied with their shallow Christian experience. And surprisingly when they hear these truths, they will agree… and then proceed to continue seeking the things of this world; not really ever having heard what was said.

Blest be the tie that binds,
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above…(Blest Be the Tie)