Many Christians struggle with the age old question of the law verses the Spirit; that is… how we should live. And, as is typical of man, he can only see that there are two choices, law or grace. So we have those who become bound by law to the point of dictating certain garments of clothing, certain colors and even what style of collars to be worn at the expense of not ever hearing the voice of God, while, on the other hand, there are those who completely throw out any law whatsoever in favor of being led by the spirit and then are deceived into sensual living. This attempt by man to inform God that He only has two choices as to how we are to live is nothing but an attempt to bring God down to a human level. Man is still trying to be the one that makes the decision. It isn’t really any different than Adam and Eve deciding that they would be ‘as God’ and decide for themselves what was right and wrong. Both approaches could not be further from the truth!

For those who think that this analogy does not apply to them, consider this. Do you believe that once you are saved you are forever saved no mater what happens or do you believe that your salvation is conditional upon your present position with God? We have been led to believe those are the only two options. How ridiculous to attempt to place restrictions on God and only allow Him choice A and B. While it is true that we are eternally secure with God it is also true that we can “fall from grace” or be taken out of the “book of life” as stated in Scripture…and that is not a spiritual contradiction. We serve an infinite God who has infinite choices.

Fortunately we have in this new dispensation, the “Law of Liberty” which establishes the proper guidelines of living, and yet, makes provision for the leading of the Holy Spirit and hearing the voice of God. There are many times in life when the Lord will lead the believer to something that, to others, seems against the law. There are motives and purposes that are unknown to us humans that supersede what we see to be His law. Jesus seemed to break the law on numerous occasions, Paul proceeded in spite of the opinion of his brethren, Hosea was commanded to marry a prostitute, Gideon was told to reduce his army before the battle and Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son. These were all powerful demonstrations of God moving among men. The difference was that these were solely committed to the will of God no mater what others thought.

It is a sad thing to see a group of believers who have so degenerated into the law, religious ceremony and rigid doctrine that the power and wonder of God dies. But for those who are obedient to our Lord’s imperatives and seek to hear His voice, true LIFE exists and is exciting every day; just to wait on God and see what he will do next and to see how he will answer our prayers, and He certainly will, and lead us into the abundant life He promises. What a wonderful thing the “Law of Liberty” is.

Holy Ghost with light divine,
Shine upon this heart of mine…(Holy Ghost, with Light divine)

Posted on August 22nd, 2013