The most wonderful promises in all of Scripture are those regarding answers to prayer. To many such promises have raised the question, How can I ever attain the faith that knows that is receives all it asks?

It is this very question our Lord would answer today. When He gave the above promise to His disciples, He first pointed out where faith in the answer to prayer comes from and where it finds its strength: “Have faith in God.”

The power to believe a promise depends entirely on our faith in the one who promises. It is only when we enjoy a personal loving relationship with God himself that our whole being is opened up to the mighty influence of His holy presence and the capacity will be developed in us for believing that He gives whatever we ask.

The connection between faith in God and faith in His promises will become clear when we think about what faith really is. It is often compared to the hand or the mouth by which we take and appropriate what is offered to us. Faith is also the ear by which we hear what is promised, the eye by which we see what is offered. I must hear the person who gives the promise—the very tone of his voice gives me courage to believe. I must see him—in the light of his eye and his countenance, all fear passes away. The value of the promise depends on the one giving the promise; my knowledge of his character and dependability creates faith in his promise. In the case of God our Father, there can be no doubt as to His character and power to hear and answer and provide.    (Andrew Murray)

Posted on May 2nd, 2013