On of the most beautiful pictures of friendship in Scripture is the account of David and Jonathan. Without question they loved and were loyal to each other. The story is spoken of often and rightfully so. But there is another side to that story that is of interest… and that is that Jonathan never separated himself from from the house of his ungodly father, King Saul.

“And they two make a covenant before the Lord; and David abode in the wood and Jonathan went to his house”

Both men knew that God had given the kingdom to David and that it was only a matter of time for it to be accomplished. David continued in the place of rejection as would be expected of one who solely follows the Lord. But Jonathan returned to his father house. Maybe he just couldn’t break away from his fathers authority, or perhaps, he was stuck in his traditional life style. Maybe his faith was a little week or he enjoyed the comfort of the King’s house and could not make the commitment to the Lord. In any case he forfeited what would have been his position in David’s kingdom and the glory that would have accompanied it.

The commitment one makes to wholly follow the Lord always causes a man to have to stand alone, as David did in this case. Almost every man of God in Scripture, from Moses to John the revelator, had to stand alone and the result was true demonstration of God’s power through them.

Nothing has really changed today. The choice is the same for everyone. Are we comfortable with the status quo, with tagging along with a group or a certain set of rules or a particular church membership because it’s comfortable and we have friends; Are we satisfied with lukewarm mediocrity? Or are we men “after God’s own heart” and long to serve Him and know Him in the fullest; Are we willing to stand alone, whatever the cost?

What tho’ the clouds have gathered o’er me?
What tho’ I’ve passed beneath the rod?
God’s perfect will lies there before me,
When I am thus alone with God…(Alone with God)

Posted on May 14th, 2013