What separates the Christian from the world is the fact that he has been twice born, born again. Scripture says that he then becomes a “new creature: behold old things are passed away” but is that what we see today?

I have some very dear friends who had a beautiful baby girl sixteen years ago. They already had two boys and they were very happy this time to have a girl. Things were fine for about a year and one half until they noticed that she was not developing normally. Physically she was fine but she was not doing things a 1 1/2 year old is supposed to do. They took her to various doctors and after several months of testing it was determined that she was mildly retarded mentally and would never be like normal children. It was devastating for the parents. Now the girl is a young lady. She has the normal feelings and longings but is not capable of controlling them like other children. Her parents have accepted the situation very well but realize that they will need to care for her from now on.

As we look at Christendom today we see many who, to one degree or another, fall into this retarded category. They claim to be a Christian, having been born again, but live just as other worldly people. There are several modern doctrinal misinterpretations of Scripture that contribute to this condition. Without going into a long theological discussion let us just say that, subconsciously, these new believers have been told that they are now saved, are in the Kingdom of God, and it doesn’t matter what happens from now on. Essentially, they have arrived! None of this would be openly admitted but that is how they live. Further, their social and church friends are many times in the same boat so who is going to raise a red flag? When someone does come along that voices concern they are thought to have ‘taken this religion business too far’ or have ‘become fanatics’ or are thought to be week persons who ‘need God when others don’t’.

The ‘born again’ experience is only a beginning. If that believer does not, in short order, become separate socially, and in many other ways he not growing spiritually and can be considered retarded. For the true follower of Christ this is tragic and more serious that many would think.

The second and third chapters of the book of Revelation describe seven different churches that existed at the time of Christ but they also represent different church ages. The last church age is the church of Laodicea which is the age we are in now and is characterized as ‘luke warm’ and Jesus said that He would “spue it thee out of my mouth”. As professing Christians it behooves us all to take a closer look at our spiritual position in Christ and ask ourselves some difficult questions.

“It is little less than stark tragedy that an individual Christian may pass from youth to old age in a state of suspended growth and all his life be unaware of it… A. W. Tozer

Someone will enter the pearly gate
By and by, by and by,
Taste of the glories that there await;
Shall you?shall I?

Someone will travel the streets of gold,
Beautiful visions will there behold,
Feast on the pleasures so long fore-told;
Shall you? Shall I?… (Shall you? Shall I?)

Posted on December 30th, 2013