Webster defines life as “the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body”.  Now we really can’t hold it against Webster but what kind of definition is that?  Surely there is a missing protein or enzyme or something that you can put your finger on that makes the difference between living and dead.  But, the fact is that science cannot completely say what the difference is and further cannot add something to a dead body to make it come alive.

Some years ago a young preacher got up before a youth group with a dead rose brancH in one hand and a live one with a beautiful flower in the other.  Then he asked the audience what the difference was.  Well, the only observation that could be made was that one was dead and one was alive.  He then used the opportunity to explain that there is one difference.  Jesus is Life!  Not only does everything that lives have an earnest deposit of the life that Christ gives but “without Him was not anything make that was made.”  John 1;3.   Further, there is no way to bring anything back to life apart from Jesus Himself.

All things that live are the result of the love and grace of God and have a measure of His Spirit within.  So…man lives and breathes in this life and he has that much time to recognize, come to know, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  If he does not he may still enjoy the time he has on this earth and that will be the end  of it.  But if he chooses to believe, not just that Christ died for his sins, (even Satan knows that and it won’t save him) but believes all that Jesus said and all that He directs him to do he will experience “life more abundantly” as well as “life eternal”.  Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life”.

Jesus is the missing ingredient in all things that are dead and science cannot discern it or duplicate it.

life on earth is but a vapor,
Soon we’ll lay these bodies down;
But if we continue faithful
We shall wear the victor’s crown…(Life on Earth Is But a Vapor)